Percival P.56 Provost T.1


Built – 1955

XF597 coded J-M

RAF College Cranwell


January 31st 1955

Awaiting collection at Pericvals launch on contract no. 9850 as XF597

February 10th 1955

Issued to a maintenance unit at Cosford

January 9th 1956

Transferred to 12 Kirkbride

January 2nd 1958

On charge with RAF College Cranwell, coded JM - XF597

March 31st 1960

Issued to the college at Air Warface, Manby.

April 6th 1964

Retired to 27 MU Sawbury and declared a now effective airframe (Aug 4th 1965)

November 22nd 1967

Sold to Flint technical college Connah's Quay, as an instruction airframe

September 1st 1982

Sold to Margaret Howson and moved to Oakington for restoration to flying condition - Registered as G-BKFW


Acquired by Alan House and Flown in the spring at 1988 in Cranwell colours coded AH

July 2018

Acquired by James Atkinson, Provost Preservation

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