Percival P.56 Provost T.1


Built – 1955

XF836 coded J-G

RAF College Cranwell


June 17th 1955

Awaiting collection at Pericvals launch on contract no. 9850 as XF836

June 22nd 1953

Issued to 12 maintenance unit (mn) Kirkbride

April 29th 1957

Brief issued to Manchester University Air Squadron for their summer camp

August 30th 1957

Transferred to RAF College Cranwell, coded JG XF836

July 11th 1960

To 49 Mu Colerne for storage

July 26th 1960

Issued to the centra navigation and control school, coded 13.

February 11th 1963

Unit revoked the central air Traffic Controller School.

January 6th 1969

Retired to 27 Mu also at Shawbury, Allocated instructional airframe number 8043 m.

April 18th 1969

Acquired by the Shuttleworth trust and Flown to Old Warden


Repainted at RAF Athan and returned to Cranwell colours

October 29th 1981

Registered to the Shuttleworth collection as G-AWRY.

April 14th 1983

Auctioned by Chrisites at Duxford, Acquired by Alan House.

July 28th 1987

Forced landing following engine failure

July 2018

Acquired by James Atkinson,Provost Preservation

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